Monday, March 29, 2010


Soma's Chocolate Exploration Box features four of their artisanal chocolates, created right from the beans, in their Distillery district shop.
Cocoa Latte 60%; Green Tangerine 65%; Dark Fire 66%; Black Science Dominican Republic 70%; all are sophisticated chocolate to slowly savor, not to pop into the mouth and forget.

Cocoa Latte, a milk chocolate is rich, smooth, lower in sugar and higher in cocoa than most other milk chocolates. Green combines a subtle orange essence with dark chocolate, again less sweet than many fruity chocolates. Dark Fire delivers a hit of cinnamon at the front of the mouth before setting the sides and back of the tongue aflame with ginger and chili. Finally, Black Science, from organic Fairtrade cacao from the Dominican Republic, offers a bouquet of flavors. The wrapper claims dried fruit, cranberries and tobacco. Along with the dried fruit/Christmas pudding taste, we sense caramel, and scorched soil. The latter is more a feeling on the tongue than a flavour. The four very different chocolates provide a feast for the mind and the palate.
Price: $20 for 120 grams. Note: Although it is called an exploratin "box" the individually wrapped squares are rolled exquisitely in a bamboo mat.

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