Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In New York at DBGB, Daniel Boulud's New Resto

Although the restaurant is very noisy one can easily hear your own surrounding conversation.

Frommage de tete, Gilles Verot's award winning chilled pig's head terrine was served pickled beets, cornichons and pickled onion. The texture and taste of the terrine was terrific but it was served a bit too cold so there was some loss of flavour.

Veal tongue, served with sauce gribiche, egg dressing, fingerling potatoes and capers. Such an earthy dish, the capers a perfect complement to the tongue.

Tablier de sapeur, lyonnaise style fried tripe with a vinegary mustard sauce and spicy tomato-tripe salad. Such an earthy dish, the capers a perfect complement to the tripe. However, although the breaded skin of the tripe was crispy, the tripe itself was rubbery in texture and hard to cut. Tripe and freshly pureed tomato go so well.

Boudin basque, blood and pigs head sausage, espelette pepper, scallion and mashed potatoes. A wonderful, mildly spicy, richly flavourful blood sausage had a creamy smooth texture and earthy flavours.
Toulouse sausage, pork, duck gizzard and garlic with cassoulet beans. Coarse textured and strongly flavoured with perfect textured long and slow cooked beans.

A dessert beer, a combination mostly of pausa cafe and  some "chicca" demi-sec barley wine made with coffee beans, topped off with brouwerij huyghe "fruli" strawberry wheat beer made with strawberry juice  was highly refreshing and paired remarkably well  with the  rhubarb tarte which was covered in a gooey marshmallow like meringue which complemented the rhubarb on the tarte so well. A mildly tart and very creamy rhubarb ice cream accompanied the tarte.

I then had the kalamansi  lime sorbet to further refresh my palate followed by "peanut butter and jelly chocolate cake", a layered cake of peanut butter biscuit, muscadel wine gelee and 3 layers of white grape jelly, chocolate mouse, flourless choc cake (deep dark chocolate flavour) and chocolate "crunchies" of sugar coated peanuts.

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