Friday, April 2, 2010

In New York At Locande Verde Restaurant

Locande Verde is chef Andrew Carmellini's new venue. When I arrived 15 minutes early for my hard to get reservation, at 6:30pm, the restaurant was totally packed!! I had wait for my table to clear. The restaurant was completely booked that night, till the end of service. It tends to book up about 2 weeks ahead so be careful to plan well ahead for this reservation.
I began with fritto misto of rock shrimp and Ipswich clams. The elements were a bit too greasy and some of the clams very gritty with sand. However, the dish was accompanied by very well prepared, tasty, roasted shishito peppers.
My following course was tender tripe in a very good tomato sauce containing celery, green and red peppers and carrots. The sauce was flavoured with basil leaves and topped with panko, parmigiana and an organic farm egg. This was a very good, hearty dish that any farmer and I would love for breakfast!!

Next, i enjoyed a porchetta sandwich with grilled onions (requested no cheese) and crackling on the side. Terrifically tender and juicy with a spicy tomato sauce on the bread, very satisfying...but the restaurant Porchetta in NY, is still by far the absolute "king" of the porchetta sandwich. And, the crackling served in the sandwich at Porchetta restaurant is peerless.

My following course was 1\2 of fire roasted, garlic chicken. This dish announced itself about 15 feet from my table. Redolent with the bouquet of roasted garlic and the aroma from the wood burning oven, it was irresistable!! For you chicken lovers who also love abundant garlic, the highly flavourful meat clearly came from a very well cared for chicken. The chicken was moist and cooked a pointe, to perfection! I would have to say that it was very close to being on par with my gold standard for chicken available at any resto in north america, San Francisco's Zuni Cafe! This dish alone was worth the journey all the way to tribecca!

Dessert, ricotta cheesecake, was a bit too creamy but very tasty, with citrus stuffato, pomegranate and was accompanied by a nicely tarte and refreshing blood orange prosecco sorbetto. An extremely satisfying and refreshing dessert! 
The dinner was a remarkable NY value, with a full bottle of mineral water, a $13.00 glass of wine, all in, taxes and 18% gratuity, the bill with all those courses came to $126.00!!

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