Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Lunch at Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Company Ltd.

Shortly before she left us to return to Ireland, our co-worker, Alison Gorman,(aka Little Irish Alison) discovered a sandwich shop at the top of her street.  Its name and the names of the sandwiches on offer were inspired by one of her favorite bands, the Chicago-based indie group, Wilco( So this one is for you, Alison!

As usual, we were a little slow off the mark to go in search of lunch, arriving after the shop had run out of bread. The good news was that there would be bread fresh from the oven in 20 minutes.  We waited.  Our lunch started with Senegalese peanut soup.  Seldom seen on  menus around town,  this soup  usually features a smooth peanut-laced base, often flecked with tomatoes, cilantro,sometimes sweet potato and greens, with a kick of cayenne or curry. Instead of the richly smooth potion we expected, we found a watery stew that was more like a chalky lentil soup.  Whatever peanut flavor it might have had was completely overwhelmed by curry.

The roast beef sandwich --Dreamer in My Dreams on the menu--arrived on the fresh-from-the-oven bread. It had a nice homemade squishiness to it but with enough body to contain the filling. Along with slices of beef, the sandwich features caramelized onions and "sharp" cheddar.  It is true the onions were cooked but they were not caramelized.  The cheese was not sharp, adding nothing to the sandwich. Though cooked past rare, the beef , however, was still moist and tasty.

We also tried a vegetarian selection,Via Chicago. Curry worked well here with the pureed chick pea, roasted onion, and tomato filling.  A dollop of mango chutney added extra zip.  A little messy,  this was an inspired combination which would probably be even better on a multigrain bread.

Another time we would probably give the soup a miss but sample more of the sandwiches, arriving in time to  try other breads.  Though still a little amateurish, this crew, admirably, makes everything on site.

Price: $12.75

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