Monday, May 10, 2010

Chocolate Bar of the Week

Everything  is coming up violets--lipstick, clothing, even renowned chefs are drizzling violet syrup on their dishes.  Now the acclaimed French  chocolatier, Yves Thuries, has created chocolat noir aux eclats de violette. A word of warning:  if you have delicate teeth this is a bar to avoid.  Those eclats aux violette are really hard.

When unwrapping this bar, there is only the faintest scent of violets despite the generous number of fragments embedded in the surface.  Often with lavender-flavored bars,  one has the nasty sensation of having bitten into a bar of grandma's favorite soap. This is not the case with this violet version.  In fact, the violets add very little to this chocolate.  However, the dark chocolate on its own is very good with a smooth finish and balanced flavor.
We will definitely try an unembellished version for both eating on its own or in baking.
Price:  Regularly $6.95 but it has been 20% off at Leonides.

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