Monday, May 10, 2010

Friday Lunch from Ciccio Sanwiccio

With visions of  tomato sauce and crispy eggplant in our heads, we are off to try the sandwiches from the new Italian sandwich shop down the street.

We start out well with a salad.  It is a typical commercial mix of baby red and green lettuces.  Unlike most fast food salads, the greens have been carefully prepared so that the tangy dressing clings to the leaves rather than pooling at the bottom of the styrofoam container.

Though billed as eggplant parmesan, the veg-friendly sandwich has no discernible parmesan flavor nor does it have the seductive crunch of the sandwich we always enjoy form our neighbour, Mela. It is lifted from total blandness by a robust tomato sauce.  The same sauce is also on the veal sandwich.  Alas, neither the sauce nor the requested mushroom and onion toppings--or even the unasked for cheese --can mask the poor quality of the breaded veal. The breading is thicker than the chewy meat which tastes more of pork than veal.  At first bite, the filling slides out of the bun and lands in a greasy mess before us.

For eggplant sandwiches, we will stick to Mela.  Though inconveniently located,  California Sandwiches remains tops for meatier versions.

Price:  $19.42 for two sandwiches and a salad.

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