Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Late Dinner at Pangaea Restaurant

Arriving just after 9pm after attending the packed book launch of "Poser", accomplished photographer Caitlin Cronenberg's remarkable observations documenting posed nude images of friends, relatives and acquaintances, we settled in for a light dinner.

Wanting something light, I began with a visually appetizing organic beet and warm goat cheese salad, topped with a mix of baby greens and bits of fried ginger, a flavour that brings out the taste of the beets and adds a spicy counterpoint. The intense beet flavour worked well with the warm goat cheese.

My next course was very tender, medium rare, seared Qualicum Beach scallops on a bed of "paella" saffron risotto with baby shrimp, briny mussels, baby clams, mildly spicy chorizo sausage, scallions and slightly tart cherry tomatoes, sided with a rich intense veal jus. Saffron and scallops are a match made in heaven and the flavour of the veal jus was a strong contrast for the creamy risotto and a perfect juxtaposition for the flavour of the chorizo. As always, risotto at Pangaea is perfectly cooked. My hunger was well satisfied.

Finally, a light and refreshing late night dessert, roasted pineapple semi-freddo with a very moist fresh ginger and molasses cake, topped with a crunchy cashew brittle, all surrounded by small dollops of caramel sauce and creme anglaise. This is a sweet tooth appeasing dessert!

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