Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To Market, To Market, Liberty Village, August 1, 2010

It was not the best trip to a market.  As I got on the subway, I remembered my camera was at home. As we emerged from the King subway, a streetcar pulled away.  Not to worry, another was in sight.  It short-turned before it got to Yonge Street--and so did the three that came after it.  When we finally did get on a streetcar, it too turned north before we got to out destination.

When we got to the Liberty Village market, almost an hour after starting out, it was a glorious sight.  Peaches, peaches everywhere.  Ditto for corn and tomatoes. I got peaches from both Bizjak's and Loffredo.  It turned out that the ones from Bizjak's were still quite hard.  By Monday morning they had softened and were flavorful and juicy.  A "small" watermelon from Thames River Melons was probably the best I have ever tasted, incredibly sweet and juicy.  Their corn was not quite so perfect--two of the six cobs of "Gourmet Sweet"  were past their prime although the others were as fine as I remember from last year.

I also got more apples--labeled "Harvest Apples".  I did not look closely enough.  When I got them home and started peeling, I realized the texture was not quite right.  They made ad decent pie but without the tartness I was expecting--and these apples, whatever they were, were drier too.

I bought tomatoes from Dianne Webber of Esker Ridge Farm.  She has lost some of her crop to cutworm but still managed to have a nice selection of heirlooms.  Black brandwines(at least that what she thought they were) made delicious sandwiches garnished with lettuce and basil from my own tiny garden!

So, annoying though the initial trip was, I still ended up happy. Taking the Ossington bus and the subway made the homeward journey a lot faster.

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