Sunday, February 13, 2011

Frank Restaurant at The Art Gallery of Ontario

I began with a 1/2 order of the seafood bourride. The execution was not a classic bourride, but more of a seafood stew, with mussels, clams, white shrimp and chopped chorizo sausage all in a saffron seasoned broth, sided with a piece of garlic toast. The dish was very pleasant and the vegetables, such as the crunchy chopped celery, had good texture. The shrimps, however, were quite mushy and had an unpleasant texture. The chorizo provided a nice punchy contrast to the rather bland broth.

My main was a lamb meatloaf accompanied by garlic mash and sautéed rapini. The meatloaf had a very pleasant coarse texture and a very good lamb flavour. In all this was a hearty dish paired with the nicely textured (not too creamy) mildly flavoured garlic mash and the correctly bitter rapini which pairs so well with the lamb flavours.

My lunch partner had the grilled cheese with spiced apple cranberry chutney on toasted raisin egg bread. The warm raisins and mildy spicy/sweet chutney were a perfect complement for the cheese and egg bread toast. The sandwich was accompanied by nicely prepared french fries and a dollop of mayo.

Frank (at the Art Gallery of Ontario)
317 Dundas St West
Toronto, ON

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