Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Campagnolo Restaurant, Toronto

House made gougere and hot and crispy Epi bread baguette.

La Quercia rose prociutto, prociutto so good that if your eyes were shut, you could be eating in Italy.

Grilled treviso and curly endive (chicory) salad with vin cotto, blood orange and toasted hazelnuts. A lovely combination of flavours and textures....the bitter aspects of the chicory and treviso blessed with the sweetness of the vin cotto all balanced with the toasty flavour of the chopped hazelnuts and the mild tart citrus blood orange.

Wild boar, spare ribs, tripe and wonderful garlicy coarsely textured meatballs with a rich tomato ragu on soft polenta. For me, there was just not enough tripe. A hearty rustic dish.

Extremely light intensely flavoured Lemon curd on a thin almond crust. The sweet aspect of the almond crust balance the lovely tartness of the lemon. 

Pleasant Budino, milk chocolate mousse like and caramel, lightly seasoned with sea salt.

832 Dundas St West (at Euclid)
Toronto, ON

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