Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big Bone BBQ, Newmarket, Ontario

Big Bone BBQ is a long way from downtown Toronto. Is it worth the drive for an experienced BBQ lover who has been all over North America for good BBQ? Probably not unless you live in the area, although it was certainly good. This style was somewhat similar to the Memphis style, with wet bbq treatment for the pulled pork, brisket and ribs. The sauce was good and on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 best) it was a 7. The rib meat fell readily off the bone and although quite juicy, from my perspective,  a bit over cooked because with no effort at all, the meat slid right off the bone. The Brisket meat was not smokey enough. It was sliced a bit too thin for my preference and because it was drenched in bbq sauce and sliced so thin, it was difficult to determine how juicy the meat really was. Nevertheless, I am sure that brisket meat and sauce would be good in a sandwich. The pulled pork was good and drenched in the bbq sauce, would make a good sandwich. Again, for me, the pork was not quite smokey enough and this pulled pork was not as good as Paul and Sandy's BBQ'd pulled pork (the only thing I really liked there), in the west side of Toronto. The picture below is the ribs and pulled pork.

The fries were crisp. The beans were good, mostly because of the sauce, but no smokey flavour. But, it was all good value. The portions were on the large side and fed 4 people. The full rack of ribs, order of pulled pork (the eaters could not be prevented from grabbing some of the pork and ribs before the photo was taken), the order of brisket, all of the sides and with 3 bottles of water, the bill was $51.70. 

Big Bone BBQ
207 Eagle Street
Newmarket, ON
(905) 853-9888

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