Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Starfish, Toronto, My Fave for Bivalve Molluscs and Lobster

Starfish is my “go to” spot for a fabulous selection of pristinely fresh oysters, clams, raw, sweet scallops on the shell (when available) and for me, the best prepared (read: perfectly cooked) fresh lobster in Toronto (I always ask for the male).

This visit I enjoyed, oysters from Jersey Rock (uk) and Clarenbridge Bay from Ireland.

Creole crab gumbo with sliced okra, cubed carrots in a deliciously rich, mildy spicy broth.

House smoked haddock fish cakes with a dab of taramasalata, cucumber salad with a dill yogurt dressing.

And, of course the best prepared lobster in Toronto that comes with addictive french fries.

The desserts are also very good here, but, this time I abstained (one must cut back somewhere!!).

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