Monday, June 6, 2011

Bitten June 6, 2011

They have not quite hit the status of cupcakes or macarons, but marshmallows have moved way beyond Kraft and Campfire.  We have sampled  strawberry and vanilla versions from Whole Foods.  We have sampled the more exotic flavors which Petit Thuet has sold.  Our latest temptation is from the chocolate shop, Leonides.

A chocolate shop cannot just offer up plain vanilla.  No, these poofy numbers are bathed in dark chocolate.  Whoever whipped these up achieved the perfect balance between body and airiness.  Strangely, though the chocolate  is dark, it is on the sweet side of the scale, sweeter really that the marshmallows themselves.

Considering that two approximately two inch squares cost only $1.30, these are a nice break from conventional chocolate bars.  With s'mores also having their moment, you can upgrade  this camping favorite by sandwiching one of these chocolate-covered marshmallows between two Peek Frean shortbreads.  If you want to pretend you are creating a slightly healthier snack, opt for digestives rather than shortbread!

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