Friday, June 24, 2011

The Drake Dining Roadshow: Summer School

The Drake Hotel  launched it's Dining Roadshow: First Stop: Summer School Dining Hall which runs from June 23 to Sept 4th. Its a restaurant-within- a- restaurant concept. After Sept 4th, it will change themes.

This evening, we had a chance to graze virtually the entire new menu. Unfortunately, my cell camera had run out of juice, so no photos.

Homemade tomato cream soup with alphabet noodles, garlic and scallion olive oil. This was a wonderful adult version of childhood's Campbell's Alphabet Soup and praised by all.

Crispy crusted, cheese stuffed, garlic bread baguette could have used more garlic but was very good.

Chili con carne came topped with sour cream and chopped scallions and was accompanied by very good crispy nachos.

Good creamy style cole slaw.

Interesting pickled vegetables.

A terrific lobster roll with wonderful chunks of lobster mixed with mayo on a well buttered toasted roll.

Crispy, brown crusted crab cakes, redolent of wonderful chunks of crab.

A very good, very long hot dog with a crunchy skin that snaps on the bite, served with relish and cheesy sauerkraut. For my taste, they should drop the cheese.

A very good fried fish sandwich wih a cole slaw filling.

"Buttered peas" otherwise known as mushy peas.

Mac and cheese a great rendition with a crispy bread crumb topping. Some diehards wanting to return to their infancy expressed their preference for more cheese and cream.

A tasty eggplant parmesan with zuchini and fried onion needed more sauce.

Pork and beans was a very good warm bean salad (mixed with dices of various cooked veg) with pork that should have a more central role in the flavour and composition of this dish.

A fabulous 1 1\2 inch thick well aged Cumbraes rib steak sliced and served rare. Everyone just LOVED this steak.

I did not stay for the interesting listed desserts.

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