Monday, June 27, 2011

Barque Restaurant at Night

We began with a terrific, juicy miami ribs starter with a very tasty bbq sauce

Then, brisket arrived, presented in a cast iron skillet, not too smoky but with a solid beefy flavour and quite tender. The brisket was very good but I might have preferred a little more smoky flavour.

I had a combination platter. The chicken thigh had a nice smoky flavour, a very good caramelized BBQ sauce but the meat was a bit dry. The beef rib was nicely smoky and tender. The very good smoky pork ribs had a wonderful sauce with good texture but the meat was slightly dry. Cuban corn had terrific flavour but would have had better flavour and texture if it was regional and in season.

Very tasty, house seasoned fries with citron aioli.

The caesar salad  was unremarkable.

Dessert, I know, I know!! .....I just couldn't wait before I took my photo. This was a great pecan pie and sided with terrific Greg's roasted marshmallow ice cream, a very good combination.

The big problem if you come to Barque at night. They are very busy and despite highly competent servers, the orders come very slowly. I suggest that one should order starters like the miami ribs, because the mains could take 1 hour to exaggeration.....but worth it!

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