Thursday, June 30, 2011

Susur Still Has His Mojo!! An Exceptional Meal and Exceptional Wines.

I personally organized a menu with Susur for a private wine dinner for 9 friends. Susur  was in Toronto and in his kitchen. This was a red wine themed evening. The wines were all served with the amuses and hors d'oevres and enjoyed as we chose, with the rest of the meal. 

The exceptional wines were: Bonne Mare, Roumier, 1990; Romanee St Vivant, DRC 1979; La Tache, DRC, 1976; Chateau Palmer 1970; Chateau Haute Brion 1982;  Chateau Ausone 1955; Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1966; and, with dessert, Trochenbeerenauslese, Schloss Eltz, 1976.

Ameuse bouche of poached white asparagus, a quarter of tomato, artisanal butter and bread. 
The ameuses was followed by a marvellous, intensely flavoured lobster bisque layered on milk foam (no photo).

A group of the following hors d'oevres all on the same plate: beef carpaccio on garlic chip potato with reggiano cheese, lemon, olive oil and pickled white asparagus; asian duck confit, goat cheese roll and rare duck breast with puree of apple and cognac and spiced walnut; boneless quail filled with bacon, spinach and chicken liver foie gras pate all baked in a puff pastry.

Roasted squab  breast and squab leg that was stuffed with smoked duck, with a slightly smoky flavoured steamed plum, rice tuile and vidal ice wine syrup.

Venison loin marinated with coffee accompanied by cream of wild mushroom, puree of parsnip and potato and an apple/blackberry puree. The flavour of the coffee was very mild and well assimilated with the mildly gamey venison.

The elegantly presented cheese course served with a ginger mango chutney.

Vanilla panna cotta made with condensed milk, with apricot preserves, pineapple, raspberry ravioli and dragon eye fruit, a perfect match for our richly flavoured dessert wine.

Without a doubt, Susur did not fail to please us with a truly superb meal, well matched for our fabulous wines.

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