Thursday, June 30, 2011

Friday Lunch from Drake Hotel BBQ

If you want to sample barbecue Drake Hotel style, dash over there by July 3 when Anthony Rose puts down his Q tools.  If you do go, our advice is to stick to the brisket sandwich.

We, of course, tried both brisket and pulled pork sandwiches.  Altough the brisket seemed a tiny bit dry, it displayed a perfect flavor balance amongst its sweet , spicy , tangy, and smoky  elements.  The judicious addition of a dollop of coleslaw gave the sandwich just the right texture.

Usually when sampling both brisket and pulled pork, we favor the latter.  The reverse was the case this time The pulled pork sandwich lacked the great balance displayed by its brisket counterpart.  Instead, it was vinegar rearing its acidic head. Where was the juicy succulence that makes pu8lled pork so seductive?

We are all in favor of authenticity--except when it comes to squooshy Wonder Bread-style buns.  We are pretty sure such buns are the platform for much of the barbecue served up across the American South.  However when you could choose something that has some taste and that is not disintegration-prone, why not?  Just sayin'.

We went whole hog here, so to speak, and had dessert--a pecan tart and a whoopie pie.  All sugar, all the time.  The pecan tart was a typical example.Cushioning the unadulteratedly sweet icing , the whoopie biscuits were crisp rather than cakey.  texture we had anticipated.  To borrow a phrase from Irish Alison--little pillows of Type 2 diabetes.

Price:  $24.25 for two sandwiches, a whoopie pie, and a pecan tart

Location: 1159 Queen Street West

Phone: 416-531-5042

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