Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Lunch from Pizzeria Libretto

We have the answer for anyone who has ever wondered what would result if a Western sandwich put on airs, pulled up stakes, and moved to Italy. It would turn into Pizzeria Libretto's truffle pizza. (Editor: One must note that this pizza is not on the regular menu; this special pie runs on the featured menu that rotates it's varietals constantly. Your best bet to possessing this culinary treasure is to call ahead of time, or keep your eyes peeled on Twitter @pizzalibretto for daily special announcements)

12-inches of black truffle and egg yolk nirvana!

This pizza seemed innocent enough. The usual exemplary Pizzeria Libretto crust was slicked with stacciatella --the creamy shredded mozzarella used to stuff Puglia's hollow burrata--then dabbed with truffle paste, and splashed with truffle oil. On top of this fragrant extravaganza, there were slices of Berkshire ham and an organic egg yolk. 

Yes, once again we had gone so far afield to snare our lunch that it was stone cold by the time The Designated Courier returned. Our local less-celebrated pizzeria refused to reheat it. The Designated Courier was thoroughly unimpressed, especially after having loyally purchased lunch there many a time. It made little difference. The crust was wonderfully chewy. The earthiness of the truffle brought out the best in the ham and egg. 

Why the mention of "seemed innocent enough"? It was only as the last bite of our third slices slid down our throats that the intense richness of this pie was suddenly apparent.Did we wish for one moment that we had stopped one slice sooner? Not on your life. That at lunchtime we did not have to stand in line to get through the door made every bite that much sweeter.

Pizzeria Libretto
221 Ossington Avenue
Take Out or Dine In

Price: $21.47 for a 12-inch pie

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