Friday, June 3, 2011

Noce Restaurant, Toronto

Recently, I had an enjoyable, but nothing to shout about, meal at Noce Restaurant. Quality ingredients, well handled, but the service was painfully slow. 

Lightly breaded, fried calamari with fennel salt, lemon and aioli.

Tender Grilled Moroccan octopus, fava beans, asparagus, cherry tomato salad. A nice combination of flavours.

Tagliolini con bottarga di muggine with julienne of calamari and zucchini. This was my favourite dish.

Veal Milanese with cherry tomato and arugula salad. The veal was butterflied and breaded, the coating crispy but lacking in flavour, not unpleasantly, but, was flavour neutral and I would have liked something more.

I find that when I eat at Noce, I have a dependably pleasant meal. 

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