Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Pasta Bar and Grill, Toronto

The Pasta Bar is one of those longstanding, reliable restaurants that has a tradition of being a place for a casual meal that one knows will be good. If you are wondering where you might eat before a show, where you might have a casual meal after work, this is one of those places that knowledgeable Torontonians will attend. The co-owner/ executive chef of both the Pasta Bar and Scaramouche, the more formal adjacent dining room, is Keith Frogget, a well respected and established toronto chef. The operations chef in charge of the Pasta Bar is Scott Hildebrandt. Co-owner Carl Korte is one of the best "front of the house" gents in the city, a classy, knowledgeable and knows most everyone, kind of guy. 

Below are the dishes I chose at a most recent visit. If a plate looks a bit "messy"....know that I started to gobble before I took the photo and had to re-fix the plate to make it look "ok".

Beef tartar, a very good, mildly spiced, standard rendition of this dish. Hand cut filet mignon with garlic crostini.

The Pasta Bar and Pangaea are the most reliable restaurants in Toronto for me to enjoy grilled liver properly cooked to a medium rare doneness, here served with french beans and caramelized onion mashed potatoes.

A side order of very tasty onion rings with a lightly battered crust.

Vanilla bean cheese cake with mango sorbet and fresh mango, was a refreshing finish.

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