Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To Market, To Market Sorauren,June 20

I seems that the Sorauren Market has grown so much that the vendors have spilled right over the ridge.Many of the new vendors offer opportunities to snack while shopping.  Always a good thing. Some of the "new" vendors have, in fact, migrated from other markets.  Pine River which sold beautiful garlic at Wychwood/Green Barns is now at Sorauren.  Bizjak Farms, missing from Borden Street, has left the MyMarket group of markets for Sorauren and a new market at Bay/Adelaide.

De la terre bakery stall is my first stop since I have been missing their Pelham sourdough all winter. The first chunk I tear off reveals that it is just as great as ever.

One of my fondest childhood spring memories is of eating morels. The often popped up under our swing. Since they did not appear every year they were a real treat when we did find them  My mother would clean them carefully, saute them in butter, squirting in a little lemon juice at the end with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, then would serve them up on toast. So simple, so exquisite.  Well, lucky day, Forbes had a pile of morels. For $5.00 I got a large handful which are mine, mine, all mine.

The Singhs from Brampton, with their simple fresh veggie sign, are back with their first tiny Rodina beets. Once home, I baked them in foil  then mixed them with potatoes from Cutting Veg for a pink salad dressed with mustard and dill mayo.

For protein,  I stop at Field Sparrow Farm. The Bakkers are making their first CSA(community supported agriculture)delivery this week but they still sell cuts of grass-fed meet individually too. A sirloin steak becomes part of my family's dinner  Most amazing to see is that Annabelle who was not yet born at this time last year is walking about, taking her mother's calculator with her.

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