Monday, July 25, 2011

Fishbar, Toronto

Fishbar recently opened on the Ossington strip, a street of several interesting and very good restaurants. Toronto has a very limited number of truly good fish centric restaurants such as Josos, Malena, Starfish and Rodneys.

To really understand the quality and range of possibilities of the chef's cuisine, we grazed the menu.

A nice beginning is the steelehead trout rillette, presented in a small mason jar, topped with clarified butter and served with sliced pickled heirloom radish and crostini.

We could not resist ordering white anchovies on sourdough crostini topped with caramelized onions and olive gremolata. The anchovies were fresh and worked well with the gremolata and the crostini provided a pleasant crunch.

The codfish brandade was a bit of a disappointment as it lacked a garlic punch I have come to expect with brandade. The consistency was very good and was pleasantly flavoured with olive oil and chives.

Fried smelts were a delight, very fresh and crisp skinned.

Oyster pogos made with corn dog batter, crispy skinned and a moist soft interior, were presented with a perfect complement of tomatillo salsa.

Peas were a bit underdone for me. Pretty presentation but not a dish I would reorder.

French fries were made of tasty potatoes, nice and crunchy, served with nori salt and a citrus flavoured miso aioli

My major disappointment was the fish and chips. The chips were good as expected but the fish batter was soggy enough to be unpleasant. The fish itself was properly cooked.

Grilled B.C sardine with salsa verde, baby arugula and lemon. Perfectly cooked sardine and a pleasure for sardine lovers.

There were many other fish dishes to consider, some raw and some cooked. Fish lovers will have fun with the choices.

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