Friday, July 15, 2011

Wvrst Restaurant, toronto

Wvrst is a new restaurant specializing in sausages and a grand selection of beers. A very limited selection of wines are available by the glass if one is not a beer drinker. Wvrst occupies the former location of Thuet, later Conviction restaurant. The space is now a large open hall. To order, one lines up at a counter and is given a number which is placed on the table where one is seated. Waiters bring your order to your table.

We wanted to taste as much as possible so we ordered duck fat fries which come with one of a number of possible dips. The photo also shows 2 of the toppings for the sausages that we ordered (we ordered all of our toppings to be "on the side" so we could add them after we had a chance to taste each sausage on its own). In the photos, the sauerkraut and caramelized onions sides are shown. The caramelized onions were tasty, the fries were crisp and tasty as well.

The sausages came with very good buns ("country bread") that were perfect: good texture; hold together well; are well toasted. We ordered the following sausages: duck with maple syrup and foie gras, pheasant with apple, bison with blueberry and maple syrup, wild boar with saffron, kranjska which was a combination of pork and marjoram and boerewors, a South African styled sausage which was a combination of beef and coriander. Our favourites were the wild boar, the boerewors and the kranjska. I found the duck sausage to be too fine and mushy and would much prefer a coarser duck grind mixed in with the foie gras. Although, in fact we enjoyed all of the sausages. 

If you are a sausage lover this is a place to go, especially if you also love a good beer with your sausages.

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