Saturday, August 13, 2011

Obika Mozzarella Bar, Toronto

Obika restaurant centers its offerings on mozzarella di bufala campana DOP. The freshly made cheeses are flown in weekly from Italy.
A plate of 3 cheeses: stracciatella di burrata; mozarella di bufala DOP classica; mozzarella dibuffala campana DOP, affumicata, hay smoked for about 4 min. The cheeses rested on raw spinach leaves and was accompanied by cherry tomatoes and black olives.

 Before you begin, if your wait staff forgets, as ours did, please request the house olive oil. It is of surprisingly good quality with very good flavour and is a excellent complement for the cheeses.

The burata was milky with a slightly tart finish, almost a bit like sour cream, and was a favourite. The mozzarella was good but not as creamy or as enjoyable as some of the best that I have experienced in Italy. The smoked mozzarella was very nice, and for me, more enjoyable than the unsmoked.

Ravioli with handmade ricotta and spinach, with butter and sage.
The pasta really was nothing special. It lacked a certain textural delicacy i have experienced in well made pasta for ravioli and was a bit to thick. The sage butter lacked intensity of flavour. The ricotta filling was a bit too dry.

 Pizza verdure grilate, arrived topped with grilled eggplant, zucchini, raddichio, smoked mozzarella di bufala campana DOPand chopped parsely. This is a terrific pizza, the nicely grilled veg flavours were enhanced by the smoky mozzarella. The crust was crispy with good flavour.

N'Duja e burrata pizza is spread with a thin layer of spicy salami pate. Stracciatella di burrata, covered organic tomato filets with fresh basil. This is a fabulous pizza, the sauce has a nice spicey bight and a wonderful intense tomato flavour with rich consistency.

Very good, rich tiramisu with an espresso coffee sauce and soaked lady fingers on the bottom!

Chocolate almond cake had good texture and nicely strong chocolate flavour accompanied by rich vanilla gelato.

Zabaglione had a lovely consistency but a rather bland flavour. The fruit shone...very fresh, very high quality berries.

The ricotta mousse did not have a good ricotta flavour and had an alkaline taste. This was a truly disappointing dish.

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