Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Amazing Meal At Centro Restaurant

Centro's chef  Jason Carter is so in tune with current cuisine. A friend and I were going to a local cinema. We thought we would go to Centro for a simple meal. Just a steak, a good glass of wine and go. However, after we arrived, the chef came out and suggested a simple starter and their veal cooked sous vide. So, we went with the flow.

Our meal began with heavenly prociutto di guanciale with fresh burrata, beautiful tomatoes and olive oil. 

Next, perhaps the best veal dish I have ever enjoyed in Toronto, veal chop, bone removed, cooked sous vide, briefly seared, perfectly medium rare, exceptionally juicy and tender accompanied by a slightly fried, finely chopped garlic "dressing". It was some kind of heaven eating that course.

We even had time for dessert, a simple fruit salad of  several kinds of fruit cut in geometric shapes and wedges, slightly dehydrated to intensify the flavour, accompanied by a goats milk yogurt and a honey tuile.  This was a dessert that all at once was so refreshing and palate satisfying.
Centros, in an out in less than an hour, beautifully fed, efficiently served.....and, we could hear each other talk!

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