Thursday, August 18, 2011

To Market, To Market East Lynn week of August 11

Hands up, all those who believe Holstein cows are only good for dispensing milk.  Think again.  I bought a Holstein rib-eye steak from Belanger Organic Farms(they are also at Liberty Village and Wychwood).  It was very well marbled and sweetly juicy after pan searing. This meat is definitely worth seeking out.  Those of us who grew up on farms with herds of Jerseys, Guernseys, or Ayrshires probably secretly feel that perhaps meat should be the Holsteins true calling.

Although I went intending to buy peaches and tomatoes, the selection was somewhat disappointing.  Loffredo's freestone fruit is still about a week from market.  There were few tomatoes.  Even Bosco which has had many varieties and a rainbow of colors for weeks had a rather thin offering.

All was not lost.  I came away from O.K. Farms with two baskets of the always hard to find harvest apples since the very small window of opportunity in which to get them is rapidly closing.  Fortunately, some were larger than usual.  There are few kitchen jobs more tedious than peeling enough of these tiny apples to make a pie. This stall also had raspberries in chree colours and both blue and yellow plums.

Every time I buy potatoes from someone other than my trusty Potato Lady(aka Ayse Akoner at Marvellous Edibles), I feel as though I am committing potato adultery.  Alas, the aforementioned Belangers had little fingerlings that I just could not resist.  I trust I will be forgiven my indescretion.

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