Thursday, August 18, 2011


If you are an ice cream lover who finds your favorite treat just a little too rich in the blazing heat of summer, run, do not walk to Gelato Simply Italian(2076 Yonge Street or the new location, almost our neighbour, 146 Cumberland).  To some people $5.00 for a small cone or cup might seem pricey.  Well, it is not for something this yummily refreshing.  The many variations on a citrus theme are the perfect antidotes to the summer heat:  lime with cilantro, ruby grapefruit, blood orange,  lemon.  That $5.00 gets you two flavours per serving--if you opt for a larger serving you can choose three.  The combination of plum with hazelnut was particularly scrumptious, and something that would go well with autumn desserts.  The only less-than-seductive flavour was rice--both bland and too sweet.

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