Thursday, August 4, 2011

Smorrebrod, Open Faced Sandwiches in Copenhagen

Smorrebrod is a very traditional Danish lunch, open faced sandwiches, with artfully arranged elements, typically on thinly sliced, buttered, dark, dense rye bread. These sandwiches are usually enjoyed with cold Danish beer and schnapps, a strong aqua vita (hence aquavit) which could be made with herbs, roots, seeds or fruits and is at least 40% alcohol. I developed cravings for these wonderful works of art when I was very young, while watching a Danish employee of my father's eat his lunch (he never I just ogled and craved!).

Dinner at Toldbod Bodega

Toldbod Bodega is one of the oldest restaurants in Copenhagen, serves very traditional Danish food and is one of the few restos open on a Sunday. 

Three varieties of pickled herring on buttered dark rye bread with chopped red onion, fresh dill, cherry tomato and lettuce.

Another traditional dish of smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, fresh dill, sliced lemon, chilled asparagus with lettuce on thinly sliced, buttered, dark rye bread.

Matjes herring with dill, curried house made mayonnaise, sliced red onions, cherry tomato capers, and lettuce.

Schnitzel with sauteed potatoes, peas, fresh pickled anchovies and freshly grated horseradish.

Told and Snaps

This is a place to come for lunch.

Barely marinated, but wonderfully raw textured, pickled, Icelandic herring with dill, red onions, and half a hard boiled egg on traditional, buttered, thinly sliced, Danish dark rye bread.

Bacon, sliced potato, chopped chives, seasonal fresh lumpfish roe, cress, thickened yogurt spread all on buttered, thinly sliced Danish dark rye bread.

Fresh cold Greenland shrimps with thick house made mayonnaise, chilled asparagus, cherry tomato, dill and lemon on buttered white bread.

The traditional presentation of beef tartar with chopped red onions, grated fresh horseradish, pickled onions, capers and a raw egg yolk on thinly sliced, buttered, Danish dark rye bread.


This spot is considered a creative place to experience a modern take on smorrebrod.

The 2 photos below show 2 separate orders with some overlap. The shrimp and egg sandwich below, on the right is replaced by the egg salad sandwich on the right in the photo below it.

The egg salad is on buttered, dark Danish rye topped with sliced celery and snipped chives.

Roast beef on buttered Danish rye topped with fried onions, freshly grated horseradish and curry flavoured remoulade sauce.

Beef tartar on buttered Danish rye topped with mayonnaise, capers, potato chips, pickles and sliced pickled red onions.

Chilled shrimps and quartered boiled eggs with chopped fresh herbs, mayonnaise on dark Danish rye bread.

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