Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Steak Tasting at Jacob's Restaurant, Toronto.

Jacob's is known as one of the best steak restos in Canada. I go there from time to time, but recently, my experiences have been inconsistent, once great, once good and once a disappointment. One of the variables that I have encountered is the degree of doneness. The menu explanation is quite specific. Waiters are also extremely careful about explaining the temperature and colour result of the degree of doneness: blue rare - raw, red through 90%; rare - raw, red through 75%; medium rare - half raw, red through 50%; medium - half cooked, pink through 75%; medium well - 3/4 cooked, pink through 25%; well done - cooked through. Steaks are Char-Broiled at 1800 degrees in the restaurant oven, to your liking.

So, it is disappointing indeed when the expected degree of doneness specified is not met, although the waiter may offer to cook you another steak, no one wants to be the only one not eating for 15 minutes and then eating while everyone else is through. Another variable is the the beef experience itself. The experience of the taste, texture and juiciness of the beef can vary from animal to animal and it is very hard to keep the beef experience consistent within a given breed and from a specific farm. So, some variability in this regard, is to be expected.

Jacob’s dry age their beef in-house. Jacob’s menu of available beef is extensive and a meat lover’s inspiration. For example, one day’s beef menu included Canadian Prime Hereford-Lindsay, Ontario, tenderloin; Canadian prime hereford-High River, Alberta, 40 day aged ribeye and bone in ribeye aged 38 days; USDA prime black Angus-Nebraska, USA, 48 day aged California cut striploin, striploin aged 38 days, and 46 day aged ribeye, bone In striploin and T bone porterhouse; Oakleigh Ranch, wagyu, N.S.W., Australia, tenderloin, California cut striploin, striploin, flat Iron and T-bone porterhouse, all aged 45 days. I have not been to a restaurant in North America that showcases such an ambitious range of beef to experience.

We began with an exemplary beef tartar on toasts.

At out tasting, we ordered an array of steaks. Because the degree of doneness was so inconsistent and mostly cooked past our requested liking, this tasting was declared void, although we each had our preferences.

Good, but not great french fries.

The desserts were pleasing, but only a little more than adequate. But, we were not here for the desserts! The ice creams which are house made, are rich, creamy and very good.

Warm apple crumble.

Flourless chocolate cake.


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