Monday, June 11, 2012

A Wine Dinner at Pangaea Restaurant, Toronto

Pangaea is one of my go to restaurants for special wine dinners. The chef, Martin Koupre and his chef de cuisine, Derek Bendig are easy to work with and very creative. This meal revolved around  rare American chardonnays and cab or merlot blends.

A light beginning of thinly sliced scallop ceviche with layers of compressed cucumber.

House made linguini with barely cooked (sous vide) lobster in a fennel veloute, with sea urchin butter. The linguini was perfect in flavour and texture. The sauce and perfectly underdone lobster were addictive. I could have made a meal of a large portion of this superb dish.

Saffron risotto with spring vegetables and bone marrow sauce. Pangaea is noted for the perfection of it's risottos, in any version, and this one was a perfect red wine complement.

Poached lamb's tongue on garlic and sauteed fingerling potatoes with anchovy salsa verde. Another wonderful hit! The green sauce was the perfect complement for the rich flavours of the lamb's tongue.

Veal rib-eye, cooked sous vide, with smoked veal deckle (the deckle portion of any kind of rib steak is my very favourite cut for taste, texture and juiciness), roasted carrot, marrow stuffed with sweet garlic puree and white bean sauce. A wonderful hearty dish of complementary flavours.

The fabulous, warm apple tarte tatin, one of the best versions I have enjoyed in Toronto, accompanied by salted caramel ice cream and vanilla whipped cream. The caramelized apple flavours were perfect and pastry crisp and light. 

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