Friday, August 10, 2012

Hvrati Bar, Toronto

Hvrati bar is a restaurant/ bar combo, serving Croatian food, one of my favourite ethnic cuisines. One of the wonderful features of this bar is that 50 (!!) different beers are available.

Pljeskavica, a Croatian burger, "hormone free beef", ground daily, with kajmak (an unripened, high fat cheese similar in texture to clotted cream), caramelized onions and smoked mozzarella (I requested no kajmak), all on a Croation flatbread, steamed bun called lepinje. Good fries, good slaw.

Breaded pork schnitzel with a beurre blanc caper sauce, grainy mustard and cabbage made with caramelized apples, red wine vinegar and cinnamon ( good that i made a large order of just that for takeout, another day, to be one of my side dishes with a slow smoked wagyu brisket). Unfortunately, the schnitzel might have been overcooked as the meat was a bit tough. The skin, however, was nicely crispy. 

Cevapi, Croatian sausages, wonderfully redolent with garlic and great flavour. I have had these many times in Croatia. The texture of these sausages was less appealing that the taste. I ate them all anyway.

The wonderful cabbage, so good we ordered a side dish.

Hvarti Bar
690 Euclid Avenue 
Toronto, ON
M6G 2V3
(647) 350-4227

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