Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunday Lunch at Edulis Restaurant, Toronto

For me, any meal at Edulis, is a special treat, so I decided to try the Sunday Lunch. On Sunday, the lunch I am about to describe, is prix fixe $40.00, and wine is HALF PRICE! There are no choices, the meal selection is fixed.

Skinned (now there is a professional touch!)  heirloom tomatoes with purselane and curly endive, dressed with a mild vinaigrette. A lovely beginning.

Big eye "negi" tuna, the belly of the tuna, hand chopped, flavoured with dill and finely diced chives, all topped with crisp fried shallots, sided with toast. A terrific treat.

An extra, lightly grilled, smoked beef tongue topped with beef tartar. Mildly smokey, very juicy, tender tongue topped with hand chopped beef flavoured with chopped dill. Could brunch get better than this?

Grilled, mildly smokey Hungarian sausage accompanied by sliced pickles, julienned pickled cabbage and grilled, new season padron peppers with a side of good mustard. Wow, the sensibilities of this chef amaze me, pickled flavours, crunchy slaw and pickle, the very slightly bitter and spicy peppers, smokey coarse textured sausage  and the mustard.

Breaded, fried rabbit with red cabbage slaw. The perfectly cooked rabbit, drizzled with alioli (Spanish style garlic mayo) was offered with a classic, flavourful red eye gravy (coffee and ham flavours)(perfect viscosity...not so watery as often encountered). 

The red eye gravy.

Fried potatoes, with garlic, that accompanies the rabbit.

Brown butter-almond peach pie. Perfectly flakey, flavourful crust filled with beautifully caramelized chunks of peaches.

The rich, creamy vanilla ice cream, for each person, that accompanied the wonderful pie. What could be better than rich vanilla flavoured ice cream with caramelized peaches and the buttery flakey crust.

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