Friday, September 21, 2012

Grand Electric, Toronto, A Terrific Taco Spot.

This is another one of those "no reservations" pesky line-up spots! Arrive 20 minutes before they open and you should get in no prob. The NOISE is overwhelming, but the tacos worth it. Probably better to sit on the less noisy patio. The staff is very friendly and highly accommodating. The tacos are wonderful and what makes them particularly enjoyable are the quality of complex and interesting flavours brought to the filling.

Like a clock, starting at the 3 o'clock position: pork belly al pastor with pineapple; corn supreme with spiced pop corn, corn custard, white cheese and corn fungus (huitelacoche) (6 and 9). 

Miami ribs, wonderfully flavourful and tender.

The 2 types of salsa, really not needed, as the tacos I experienced were fully flavoured and these do not add much to the overall experience.

Pig's tail terrine resting on green tomato, avocado sauce and topped with pickled onion and chopped scallions (12 and 3 positions); a terrine of scrapple confit of pork should and head and corn meal, topped with chopped scallions and avocado sauce (6 position); beef cheek with Serrano pepper and avocado (9 position).

Spicy batter fried, crispy squid, only mildly spicy, on a wonderfully crispy, ungreasy tostada, topped with Mexican crema, serrano chilis and chopped scallions.

Forgot what the 12 position taco was. Bottom is the batter fried. crispy tilapia taco with creamy slaw, radish and avocado mayo.

Street corn with butter, white cheese and arbol spiced powder.

I did not comment on my preferences for any of the above dishes.....I LOVED THEM ALL!! Each dish had it's own unique character of tastes and textures.

On the left, perhaps one of the very best key lime fillings I have ever enjoyed, on a graham cracker crust bottom; on the right, a chocolate pudding, topped with pecans and sitting on a white custard bottom. I was never a chocolate pudding fan, but this was good.

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