Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TEST DRIVE by Julia Aitken

I’ve been a fan of Fusionbrands’ (fusionbrands.com) products for a while. The designers there have a knack of coming up with gadgets you never knew you needed… until you try them. A few years back, Fusionbrands’ Poach Pods (little silicon cups that float in simmering water, each cradling a cracked egg) had me turning out picture-perfect poached eggs. Now, Fusionbrands has another winner. The serveitup is a nifty plate stand can elevate (literally) the most mundane of dishes.
The white porcelain base comes in two sizes (the small accommodates 6- to 8-inch plates, the large 10- to 12-inch plates) and is topped with a suction cup that fixes securely to any flat-bottomed, non-porous plate, platter or bowl. You can even stack the small serveitup atop the large for a fancier presentation. Even muffins look grand on this! (Small: $29.99, large: $39.99; available locally at Linen Chest and Golda’s Kitchen and, in Edmonton and Vancouver, at Call the Kettle Black.)

“Wit ought to be a glorious treat like caviar; never spread it about like marmalade.” So said Noel Coward, a man who certainly knew a thing or two about wit, and likely preferred caviar to any breakfast spread. If you want to make like Coward this Valentine’s Day and celebrate with “a glorious treat,” check out Northern Divine Caviar. This caviar’s from Canada—yes, you read that right—and is the Real McCoy but, unlike other sturgeon roe, you can savour these eggs with a clear conscience.

Certified organic by the Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standard and recognized as sustainable by Ocean Wise, the caviar is harvested from Frazer River white sturgeon, which are farmed in closed, land-based pools in BC. The dark, glossy eggs burst crisply on the tongue (the sign of a good caviar) and their smooth, slightly nutty, mild flavour makes this an ideal “starter” caviar if you’ve never indulged before. ($88/30 g; order online—www.northerndivine.com—for courier delivery to Canada and the US.)

When the snow’s flying outside and temperatures are plummeting, a salad for lunch doesn’t really cut it. Soup, stew or chili is what you want and if it’s homemade, so much the better. But, if you don’t have access to a microwave at work, what to do?

Trust Crock-Pot to come up with a great solution. Its Lunch Crock Food Warmer is a personal-size desktop appliance that warms up leftovers in time for lunch. Fill the sealable container at home and tote it to work. Once at your desk, pop it in the Lunch Crock, turn it on and your food will be piping hot by lunchtime. ($19.99, in blue, pink, red and black; Home Hardware.)

Julia Aitken is a Canadian writer and editor who specializes in food and drink, nutrition, lifestyle and décor. She is food editor of Expressions and Sears’ My Advantage magazine, a food writer for Food & Drink and Diabetes Dialogue magazines. Julia is also a freelance food editor for several leading Canadian publishers.


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