Friday, February 8, 2013

Dinner at Rose and Sons Restaurant

For me, having followed in Anthony Rose's kitchen footsteps for years, back to when he was Cooking in San francisco, then New York, then Toronto at the Drake, for me, chef Rose is one of the KINGS OF COMFORT FOOD. Food at Rose and Sons is more of the creative same.

"Special fried egg-rice" with pork belly, ginger, peanuts, pomegranate seeds, broccoli and "Chinatown sauce". This dish really grows on you! Wonderful harmonious comfort flavours and textures . The ginger and pomegranate nicely offset the fatty belly, but the fat is good with the rice.

French fries and gravy, a classic diner dish. Flavourful, crispy fries with good, albeit slightly watery, gravy.

"Happy pork plate" with house cured Dr. Pepper bacon, kabanosy sausage, grilled pretzel bread, mustard and sour pickle. This would be a breakfast delight with eggs, but then, the pickle would be extraneous.

Texas red chili-beef and pork shoulder, ancho chillies, fried egg, queso fresco and chopped scallions with toast. This could be a gutsy breakfast treat too!

Liver and onions-chicken liver mousse, caramelized onions, griddled kimmel rye and sour cherries. More earthy comfort food and a terrific dish for lovers of liver and onions. Rye seeds go well with liver and cherries make the liver seductive.

A perfectly cooked medium rare burger, with fried onions, very good texture and one of the better tasting burgers in the city (and YES, better than Burger's Priest).
A very good grilled "romaine-toscano" with an anchovy/garlic dressing topped with grated parmesan. The grilling works, providing nice caramelized flavours and the lettuce is still pleasingly crunchy.
Wild blueberry bread pudding, more like french toast, with maple syrup. Anything with blueberries would be a hit for me.

Soma chocolate bits-guanduja chocolate bar, and salted peanut, chocolate bark. A nice finishing touch.

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