Friday, May 17, 2013

Hoof Raw Bar: Brunch resurrected

After closing the Hoof Cafe, about 1 year ago, where brunch was served on the weekend, The Hoof Raw Bar now does weekend brunch. If you have a hearty apetite and you are a meat lover, you will love this brunch.

 Very crunchy, ungreasy, tasty hash browns made from shredded potato.

Tongue  benny topped with hollandaise all on toast.

Sliced, very tender beef heart, topped with salsa verde, sided with scrambled eggs mixed with bone marrow, all sided with rye toast. This dish alone would satisfy most hearty appetites!.

 The presentation of the blood sausage mcmuffin.
 The blood sausage mcmuffin.

 Inside the mcmuffin.

Bombay hash with smoked mackerel, a fried egg, butter chicken sauce and chat massala flavoured fried potatoes.

Breakfast cassoulet with beans, tomato sauce, pork sausage, roasted pearl onions, pancetta bacon, a duck egg and toast.

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