Monday, May 20, 2013

Yours Truly Restaurant, Toronto

I apologize as I am behind with my posts because of a lot of business traveling. This menu is representative of an experience at this restaurant, where there is no menu of courses, but a list of seasonal and other items included in the dishes of the day.

This evening's menu is the restaurants "carte blanche" presentation, a menu which changes depending on product availability and the chef's whims. Chef Jeff Claudio has an inspiring resume, having staged at Alinea in Chicago, Noma in Copenhagen and Rockpool in Sydney. Staging is an opportunity for an ambitious chef to be inspired and to learn special techniques. It is then up to the chef to incorporate that learning into his own oevre.

Acorn squash soup with cream and shaved cloves. Obscured flavours.

Pork crackling with smoked salt.

Salt cod with potato puree, in a potato chip sandwich. A good snack.

Chicken liver filled potato beignets with cranberry gelee and sprinkled with beet powder.

Popcorn dusted with seaweed powder and sumac. This dish did nothing for me.

Truffled felafel, as traditional, buried in rice.

Bread service, house made, crunchy crusted bread, laced with caraway, with butter. This bread and the butter were so good, it deserved to be a course.

Barely cooked egg, cooked at 60 degrees in it's shell, for 32 minutes, placed on aged cheddar and potato foam on top, accompanied by borage, salt and vinegar truffle crumble and onion consomme. Really enjoyed this dish.

Sirloin tartar with shallot, chives, anchovy and a sour chive egg yolk. A pleasing rendition.

Torched mackerel on compressed spinach leaf, apple gel and wasabe.

Bannock fried bread with rhubarb, cardamom powder and salted foie gras.

Pan seared and smoked sturgeon, cherry puree, raw and confit parsnip, pickled nasturtium, brown butter emulsion, truffle vinaigrette.

House made gougere stuffed with taramasalata mullet roe and potato.

 A palate cleanser of freezees made with juniper and grape juice.

Chantecler rouge chicken thigh, buttermilk fried drumstick, date puree, crispy kale, brown butter emulsion, glazed turnips and tamarind powder. Chantecler rouge chicken, cooked properly, combined with most anything, is a chicken lover's delight.

Pomegranate peanut brittle and panna cotta. A pleasant palate cleansing finish.

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