Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chef Marc Thuet Shares the Roster at Splendido, Toronto

Chef Victor Barry, one of Canada's best chefs shared the limelight at his resto, Splendido, with another one of Canada's great chefs Marc Thuet. Thuet is also producing some of the best bread made in Canada for his budding chain Petit Thuet. What a collaboration!

Left  to right, my good friend, writer/journalist Jacob Richler, Chef Victor Barry, Chef Marc Thuet and yours truly.

Petits assiettes de charcuterie maison, a wonderful savoury selection of: bear and dried wild blueberry jagerwurst; rosette de lyon; pork jagerwurst; saucisson sec; duck rillettes; shaved cured country ham; bacon and wild leek jam; fig mostarda; pickled wild leeks, all served with pretzel breads. 

Rocky point oyster, presented surrounded by dense smoke enclosed in a glass dome, with yukon gold potato and chives. The perfectly poached oyster and sauce had a lovely smokey flavour set off well by the flavour of the chives.

This picture can't do justice to this exceptional course of Jansen Farms white asparagus covered in a light lemon glaze and wrapped in thinly shaved black truffles. The perfectly cooked sweet asparagus had a delicate crunch and was nicely contrasted with the preserved lemon puree and creme fraiche. Perfection on a plate!

Trio of rabbit medallion, lightly dusted, fried veal sweetbread nuggets and wild BC spot prawn with lime gnocchi, pickled lemon and tarragon emulsion. The delicate rabbit medallion was perfectly underdone; the sweetbreads cooked to melt in the mouth perfection; the shrimp body perfectly undercooked and the head crispy perfect. First I devoured the entire briny head which had a giant crispy potato chip like consistency. A great dish.

Mallard duck breast cooked to rare with a caramelized orange jus, oxalis and poached radish.

Our next course was a rhubarb sorbet floating in chilled prosecco (no photo).

Rouelle of rare bison loin, fois gras ravioli and rare bear tranche with porcini mushrooms smoked butter and liquorice essence.

Strawberry gateau, chocolate and sel de guerande sorbet and a cumin crisp. 

Two beignet's and then a platter of macaroon filled with yuzu, chocolate and ginger; macaroon filled with chocolate and salted caramel; white chocolate and rhubarb crumble bob bon. A fitting end to a fabulous meal.

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