Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Strada 241, Toronto

Very good, crispy skinned, fried calamari sided with hot sauce.

Rapini with lemon vincotto dressing all topped with roasted red pepper, curly endive and pickled red onions.

Grilled bread, good tasting bread made tastier by the grilling, served with very pleasing, olive oil that has been strongly flavoured with fresh rosemary..

Fire grilled, slightly charred asparagus, perfectly cooked crunchy, with a very complimentary lemon sabayon sauce, topped with curly endive and pickled red onions.

Spaghetti all' amatriciana, with guanciale bacon and pecorino cheese. For me, perhaps one of the best meat based tomato sauces that I have enjoyed in Canada. I ate my portion, then I ate my partner's leftovers. Closed my eyes and I was in Italy. I will dream of this sauce.

Pizzas are made in a Moretti, lava lined oven, which provides extremely even heat. The thin crusts have a very good flavour and are nicely charred.

Zia rita pizza topped with tomato sauce, nduja, fire roasted onion, rapini and parmesan cheese.

Zia Maria pizza topped with potato, rosemary, tomato, truffled pecorino and olives. The olives were the major miss as they made the pizza almost too salty to eat. We removed the olive pieces and the saltiness that remained was still a problem.

Another day we tried the Luca e Francesco pizza (no photo) topped with tomato, guanciale, leeks and gorgonzola cheese. This was my fave.

Mascarpone and lemon gelato with cookie almonds and shaved candied fennel. 

Chocolate hazelnut semifreddo with a large soft, chocolate meringue cookie.

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