Monday, July 15, 2013

Big Crow BBQ, Toronto

Big Crow is the new BBQ style resto opened by chef Anthony Rose, right around the back of his popular Rose and Son's diner. Take notice, Big Crow is cash or debit only. This fun, open air patio, has a decor very much like many of the deep country BBQ joints in the South, very casual, family style, wood picnic tables and benches. The kitchen is in a re-claimed, steel shipping crate. All the bread is supplied by Marc Thuet, a good thing.

Owner/chef Anthony Rose with executive chef Chris Sanderson (also exec chef at Rose and Sons).

 The kitchen area with cherry wood stacks.

The smoker on left and the wood burning grill on the right. 

One of my favourite dishes and should not be missed, juicy, jerked chicken wings, redolent of smoke, covered with a bit of salsa verde and accompanied by paper thin sliced pineapple, such a perfect combo.

Porchetta sausage with horseradish cream. 

Another big hit, the steelhead trout poke with peanuts, chili, ginger, soy, furikake (an umami giving Japanese condiment) and crispy corn chips. 

Smoked baby back ribs with a burst tomato pesto. The burst tomato pesto is a nice complement for the ribs.

On the left, another fave, country chopped salad with chick peas, chopped tomato, chopped Tymek's dill pickles (my favourite dill pickle in the world), chopped cucumber, feta and nicoise olives. On the right, shrimp Louis, with iceberg lettuce, sliced avocado, tomatoes, egg and chopped scallion all topped with thousand island dressing. 

Another, big hit, the very addictive roasted garlic bread filled with smoked mozzarella cheese, had a crispy crust with a slightly smokey flavour from the grill. Yes, addictive!

A 1 1/2 pound lobster grilled with herbs over the open wood fire accompanied by cold cubanelle peppers and eggplant (they were a side dish) and a wonderful, smokey, wood grilled corn salad with queso fresco and chili mayo (another side dish).

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