Friday, July 12, 2013

Lunch at Stockyards Larder, Toronto

Stockyards is renowned for its outstanding BBQ, perhaps the best in the greater Toronto area. But, they have other great things too. We were there for lunch. However, take note, no BBQ ribs or chicken until after 5pm!

I said Stockyards did wonderful things and this was the beginning, a very flavourful, crispy skinned, very moist, buttermilk marinated, fried chicken accompanied by tasty fries, that were not crispy enough, and perhaps my very favourite cole slaw in Toronto, my prize for taste, texture and it is not creamy over sauced.

Slow smoked, moist pulled pork with house made bbq sauce (with just the right amount of vinegar), topped with cole slaw, on a store bought squishy bun.

Brisket, slow smoked over hickory and oak woods with house bbq sauce, garlic mayo and carmelized onions.

The classic burger, cooked on the steel griddle, requested medium rare, arrived a touch over cooked but who cared, fabulous texture and taste and it was juicy too, and not from just including lots of fat in the grind, topped with sliced tomato, lettuce and red onion, all on a good bun.

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