Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Butcher's Son, Toronto

This is a small neighbourhood shop on Yonge street, just south of Eglinton, that has good quality products that are hormone and antibiotic free, very good sausages and very good prepared foods. The shop is co-owned by Five doors north executive chef Vito Rizzuto and butcher Matthew Kumprey.

I would particularly like to praise some of their prepared foods, made in house by  their own chef, Brandon Conrad, particularly their lamb shepherd's pie, which is redolent with complementary flavours of rosemary, also in the mashed potato topping. I also like the fact that the topping of mash is not overly thick. 

I also love the flavours of the fire roasted cippolini onions preserved in olive oil and the slow roasted confit of garlic preserved in olive oil. Both the onions and garlic come in sealed mason jars.

Sometimes I buy certain sausages, depending on my whim, strip the casing and form the filling of the sausage into a very flavoursome burger. 

Another good feature of this shop, and the feature that originally drew my eye, as I was walking the area, is that they sell Dragon's Breath charcoal, one of the best charcoals to use because of the higher heat produced and the longer burn.....great for a big green egg. They also supply mesquite charcoal as well.

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