Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Peameal Bacon Sandwich at St Lawrence Market, Toronto

A lot of press, from across the USA and Canada, have mentioned this St Lawrence Market locale, a sandwich shop on the west side of the south market, where small lineups are constant. A blown up photo of Emerile Lagasse sits in front. 

Ok, it is a good sandwich. No major complaints from me, although it is slightly too salty. But, what I find rather astounding is that so many magazines and papers from so may areas of North America, feature this product as such an important go to place within the market, even featured in an issue of Saveur Magazine. I guess when there seems to be not too much else food-wise worth talking about, for visitors, this sandwich is prime. Personally, I like the place downstairs in the market that fries up thin slices of eggplant and served those with a good tomato sauce in a sandwich, with offered toppings of fried onions and peppers.

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