Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Special Dinner at Splendido Restaurant

There are so many new restaurants in Toronto but the vast majority are either ethnic, serve bar food or "comfort" food. There are very few fine dining establishments in Toronto. Splendido remains one of the very best, not only in Toronto, but in Canada. This meal is an example of the possibilities.

Gougeres served with a warm squash soup shooter.

The smoked oyster presentation. The top is lifted off and a wonderful aroma of wood smoke and the briny fragrance of the sea greets your smeller.  

Smoked oyster (the fresh oyster is bathed in smoke as it is brought to the table) with potato and chives topped with Venetian osetra caviar.

Irish organic salmon, nori and avocado, on crisped rice.

Very slow and long (hours!) roasted bolero carrot with ginger, coriander and pumpkin oil. You have rarely tasted a carrot as sweet as this one.

 Fresh scallop, the presentation.

 Scallop with black Spanish (yes Spanish) "Perigourd" truffles.

 Agnolotti and Spanish (yes) Spanish "Perigourd" black truffles.

Fabulous, incredibly flavourful, sixty five day aged Cumbrae Farm rib cap (deckle) with sweetbreads, cep, porcini puree and veal jus. A very rich tasting, robust mix of food elements with flavours that combine so harmoniously.

Blue spruce cornet, banana and pear puree.

Frozen winter berries, white chocolate panna cotta and shortbread.

The 4 desserts above: burnt maple syrup marshmallow; Jerusalem artichoke puree and sesame; potato chip and chocolate, chili and lime; caramelized banana bon bon.

Our favourite, the burnt maple syrup marshmallow......could have eaten a bag of these!!

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