Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Scaramouche Restaurant, A Wonderful Tradition, Toronto

In my opinion, not enough is written in the various resto related publications or general media, about long established, consistently good, very pleasing restos worth a visit, such as Scaramouche, Josos, etc. Newspaper editors are typically only interested in what's new! The fact that these restos are so consistently very good, is indeed noteworthy. 

Scaramouche has been around for a long time and it is still very much a go to place for a very reliably good meal, made pleasing with top quality ingredients and very good craftsmanship in the kitchen. Basic items are well served in The grill and dishes sophisticated in conception and presentation, in The Restaurant. Whatever you choose, these restaurants are always packed with a very longstanding and loyal clientele and reservations made in advance, are essential.

Seared and torched Spanish mackerel amuse. 

Warm lobster with ginger sesame mayonnaise, lime leaf, coconut, chili, coriander, bok choy and Asian greens, all in a wonderful intense lobster broth.  
A soft spring roll of lobster and shrimp with avocado, chili, coriander and green mango.

I very much enjoyed grilled octopus with white beans, arugula leaves, red onion, fresh chili dressed with lemon, olive oil and marcona almond romesco sauce. (no photo).

A wonderful duck dish: rare duck breast, with perfect texture, stuffed with mushroom, prune and foie gras and all wrapped with slightly smokey ( a very good counterpoint of flavour) bacon, accompanied by red wine braised lentils, roasted cippolini onions and foie gras jus.

Although desserts were promising, my friend and I were on diets this evening.....(we even skipped bread!).

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