Monday, June 1, 2015

Vancouver: West Restaurant; Forage Restaurant, Acorn Restaurant, Bufala Pizzeria


West was a special experience. Interspersed, you will find vegetarian dishes with no eggs, cheese, avocado or oils (this was the mandate given to the chef for these dishes). Chef did a remarkably creative job on very short notice with these vegetarian dishes.

Dungeness crab and shrimp salad with avocado, grapefruit and fennel vinaigrette.

Beef tartar with poached quail egg, cucumber, cilantro and lemongrass dressing.

Heirloom tomatoes with cucumber, fennel, celery leaf, fennel fronds and dill.

Beets, apples, radish and broccoflower, with romesco sauce.

Wild B.C. albacore tuna with soba noodles, miso mushrooms, thinly sliced radish, nori and ponzu reduction.

Twice cooked foie gras, coronation grapes, cauliflower and brown  butter.

Dry roasted cauliflower with cepes, endive, parsley and a touch of lemon juice..

Diver caught scallop with caramelized onions, sunchokes and bacon jam.

Crispy pork belly with long pepper papardelle and Okanagan cherries.

Carrot, carrot puree and quinoa.

Herb butter roasted ling cod with chorizo, white beans, braised romaine lettuce and salsa verde.

Roasted lamb shank, heirloom bean ragout, roasted tomato and lamb jus.

Quince sorbet with quince "sauce".

Coconut sorbet, roasted pineapple, pomegranate and tapioca.

Walnut cake with fromage frais mousse, fresh grapes in rosemary syrup and candied walnuts.

Chocolate brulee waffle with maple ice cream.

Petit fours: apple crumble (2) and red current gel.


Foraged and cultivated mushrooms with grilled caraway rye bread. The dish also comes with Okenagan goat cheese, which I did not think would go well so requested that to be deleted from the dish. Great potential because the mushroom flavours were so earthy and diverse, and were perfectly cooked for best texture. The problem with the dish was that there was far too much oil used so the oily aspect overwhelmed the dish.

The mushrooms from the dish above on the toast.

Fall squash perogies with cheese fondu, quince reduction and smokey house made potato chips. A very good dish.

Roasted root veggies.

Flat bread with wild mushrooms, goat cheese and arugula.

Curried tomato and spelt "risotto" with parsley root crisps (the dish comes with house made paneer, but I requested without the cheese). 

Rangeland elk strip loin with smoked cauliflower, celeriac, chimichurri sauce and birch caramel.

Smoked Pacific Provider salmon collar, roasted veggies and a beet root sabayon.

Chocolate custard, raspberry cheese mousse, vanilla cream all topped with pecan crumbs.

A wonderful "old fashioned" apple pie drizzled with Forty Creek whisky caramel and accompanied by lemon buttermilk ice cream.


Isabelle Farm delicata squash with burrata, spiced walnuts and pomegranate molasses.

Shishito peppers.

Oak grilled octopus with potato gnocchi, braised artichokes, house made chorizo and salsa verde.

Hunter gather mushroom risotto with chanterelles and sherry gastrique.

 Bufala Pizzeria

Bufala was established by the same group that made Wildebeest restaurant one of the best in Vancouver. It is my favourite pizza place in Vasncouver.

Kale caesar salad with green and purple kale, grated grana padano, nchovy and bacon. A terrific salad with or without the bacon.

The marguerita with fior de latte cheese, marinara sauce, basil, chopped parsley and roasted garlic cloves.

Pesto and ricotta with basil, pine nuts and grana padano.

Bacon, roasted garlic and clams.

Smoked ham, English peas, taleggio and truffle oil.

Marinara sauce, roasted garlic, and basil.

Desserts change all of the time. This refreshing dessert with sliced strawberries.

Flourless chocolate pie.


Pizza is made Roman style here. All pies are made rectangular and pieces (if an entire pie is not ordered) are cut to size, the smallest 3 inches.

 Left to right: zucchini and tomato topped with mozzarella; Tomato sauce, pesto and fresh chilis (loved this one); marguerita (tomato and basil with mozzarella).

 Left to right, flat bread with oil and rosemary; Potato, pesto and pecorino.

 Smoked salmon and organic salad (served cold). (my 2nd fave).

Prociutto, pesto and tomato sauce.

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