Thursday, July 14, 2016

UPDATE: Adamson's BBQ

Our last (and first) visit to Adamson's BBQ, was not as positive as it should have been. The greatest weakness of the product and the opinions of our group, of which 3 were certified Kansas City BBQ Judges (KCBS), was that the meats did not have enough smoke and that the maple they were using was the wrong wood.

Very recently I heard that they switched to oak so I  decided to return to sample some of their product.

Top left, pork ribs, bottom left turkey and brisket on the right. Overall, I found the taste of the ribs and brisket very much improved. Switching to oak made a major difference in the flavour and smoke experience. The texture of the brisket was perfect and very juicy. The ribs were cooked properly, easily peeling off the bone with a bight. Unfortunately, although the turkey was moist, the texture was rubbery and the flavour completely off. I would stay clear of the turkey.

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