Monday, August 22, 2016

Alo Restaurant, Again! One of Canada's Finest Eating Experiences.

What you see below is our eating the entire menu and does not represent what a typical menu presents but shows the range of courses we experienced. Of course we were delighted to be able to try every dish!

What distinguishes chef Patrick Kriss's compositions is the wide ranging, harmonious and complementary flavours of each dish.

Gougere with caramelized onion, fontina cheese and fermented jalapeno.

Foie Gras, hearts of palm, passion fruit meringue and coconut.

English pea custard, pea and tarragon bavarois, fava bean duxelle,
chicken skin and buttermilk.

Impeccable hamachi zucchini, pinenut, preserved lemon, basil, olive oil and cerignolo olives.

Bread and Butter (bread and butter course)

Great house made butter.


Morel mushrooms, potato espuma, crispy shallot and nasturium.

Dungeness crab, Saskatchewan chanterelles, garlic scapes, Carolina gold rice.

Poached Nova Scotia lobster, vadouvan, radish, avocado puree, finger lime.

Roasted striped bass (perfectly cooked with beautifully crispy skin), baby artichokes, bluefoot mushrooms, mushroom and hazelnut stew, sherry and brown butter gastrique.

St. Canut (the best of Canadian pork) rack of pork, cherries, swiss chard, violet mustard, pistachio and turnip.


Tomatillo granite, puffed rye berries and sheep's milk yogurt

Rhubarb sorbet, almond cake, white chocolate and black pepper meringue.

Carrot bavarois, chamomile ice cream and verjus.

Chateau de bourgogne, honeycomb, seabuckthorn, buckwheat brioche and
buckwheat honey.

Dark Chocolate Cremeaux, mint ice cream, coco nib tuile and dehydrated
chocolate mousse.

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