Saturday, August 27, 2016

Woodlot, Toronto, Well Worth a Revisit.

I have had a few very enjoyable meals at Woodlot, but had not been back for quite some time. They use a wood burning oven for most of their cooking, which adds a very seductive flavour element to the various very well composed dishes. I should return more often.

I selected a group of dishes but so many others also sounded wonderful!

Wood fire, spiced aubergine and mozzarella empanada with grains de paradis, pickled turnips and accompanied by savory kafir cream.

Ember grilled hen of the woods mushrooms with wild rice, black walnuts, beet root and dill. 

Wood oven roasted, braised cauliflower with swiss chard, barley, walnut, apple, pumpkin, beet and toasted seeds, a dish with a wonderful range of flavours.

Perfectly crisp-seared rainbow trout and perfectly cooked fish, with swiss chard, barley, walnut, apple, pumpkin and warm bacon vinaigrette. Another very well composed dish of harmonious ingredients.

Very tasty wood fired ribs, juicy but a bit over because the meat literally fell off the bone. It is my preference for the meat to slowly peal off the bone when biting into the rib. The ribs were accompanied by fermented buttermilk dressed slaw with julienned apple and radish, a very good complement for this dish.

Raw chocolate mousse tart with raspberry preserves and roasted marshmallow. Delicious!

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