Saturday, October 22, 2016

Antler Restaurant

Antler was a really enjoyable resto. I am behind in my posts because of my extensive travels, but will catch up posting shortly. 

Unfortunately, the ambient light had a yellow tone and was quite bad so I had to attempt a touch up the photos as best as I could. I apologize for the colour issues. But the ideas of each dish should hopefully be clear. The restaurant deserves this recognition.

Charcoal grilled yakitori: wild mushrooms, duck hearts and chicken thigh. A hearty beginning.

Wild mushroom "tarte tatin" with caramelized onions, foraged mushrooms, sorrel and walnut pesto on puff pastry.

Jamaican venison patty with spicy dipping sauce.

The ingredients of the seasonal soup: hen of the woods mushrooms, green onion and pickled chilis.

A rich tasting venison stock is added to ingredients of the seasonal ingredient soup. Quite wonderful and satisfying.

A delicious, juicy game burger cooked medium rare as requested, composed of wild boar, bison and deer (!!), topped with hot mustard and garlic aioli (I requested NO cheese!!). Very good french fries!

Wild rice bowl with lentils, greens, toasted almonds, market vegetables, butternut squash puree and salsa verde. An excellent vegetarian dish.

White spruce ricotta cheesecake with orange hazelnut crumbs and wild blueberry preserve.

A truly tasty maple tart with bourbon vanilla ice cream. Very good pastry.

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